Evening for the Children Gala Raises Over $30,000!

Thank you to co-chairs Mindy Loftus & Barb Brobst, as well as all the sponsors and attendees for making our annual Evening for the Children Gala so successful! Representing a 25% increase for the second year in a row, $30,000 will be distributed to the Carlisle Family YMCA, the YWCA Carlisle, and the Summer Program for Youth (SPY) for summer camp scholarships!
Thank you to:
Premier Sponsor M&T Bank
Wine Sponsors Bartoli, Seig, & Metz at Morgan Stanley and Martson Law Offices
Cocktail Hour Sponsor Orrstown Bank
Music Sponsor Hooke Hooke & Eckman Realtors
Red Carpet Sponsor Salzmann Hughes, P.C.
Walk of Fame Sponsor Carlisle Events
Thank you to Katie Ulsh for the following photos!

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