145 South Hanover Street Carlisle, PA


Each year at United Way, we run a campaign to raise funds that allow us to support the 26 agencies and 41 programs in the Carlisle and Cumberland County footprint, chosen by our Community Impact Panels.  The success of each Campaign is based on the help of many members of our community, whether it be local companies, small businesses, or individuals, who help by volunteering, advocating or donating – everyone makes a difference.

This year we are lucky to have two amazing, dedicated members of our community serving as Campaign Co-Chairs, Tom Bream of S&T Bank and Greg Hall of Smith Elliott Kearns & Company.

Every effort, great or small, is significant to helping improve life in our community.  With community support, we impact the building blocks of life: the areas of education, income, health and safety net.  We appreciate your commitment to our community and your support.

If you are interested in making a difference in your community, you can help in many ways: attend one of our upcoming events, get involved in one of our committees, or simply make a donation. More information is available throughout the website, or feel free to call our office for more information about getting involved.


Please click HERE for our full campaign raffle rules & regulations.