Women’s Leadership Council

Part of a national network, the Women’s Initiative is engaging women of all ages and backgrounds to find solutions that create measurable change in their community and impact issues that matter to women.

Members of the Initiative are coming together to create positive, long-term change in the lives of women and children by focusing on root causes and pooling resources to increase our impact
Women are learning the benefits and rewards of leveraging their time, talent and resources on behalf of their interests. They are merging power, money and the desire to act as catalysts for change within their communities.

Through strategic giving, women are at the leading edge of a new era in philanthropy: The Era of the Power of the Purse. The Initiative’s “Power of the Purse” theme reflects the reality that women in our community have a strong impact on economic and quality-of-life issues. Every year, more women join the Initiative because they understand The Power of the Purse — and how their power can help others. The WLC focus goes beyond raising funds. We’re raising hopes, creating opportunities and changing lives. The WLC has the power to generate change, to transform the tomorrows of those in need.”

By joining the United Way Women’s Leadership Council:

•You will become a pioneer in the philanthropic field.

•You will improve the partnership between women and United Way through volunteerism and financial support.

•You will have the opportunity to combine your strength and compassion with other women in order to make a difference.

•You will help raise contributions that are specifically earmarked to assist women and children.

•You will engage in activities that support and assist the development and advancement of women and children in the Greater Carlisle area and surrounding communities.

•You will serve in an advisory capacity to the United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County.

• The WLC utilizes the strengths of women in our community to make a difference. Education, income and health are the building blocks that fortify our community. United Way works with many partners in the community to help people gain access to these opportunities


Women whose household donates $500 or more are eligible to become members of the Women’s’ Leadership Council.  For more information please contact us at 717-243-4805


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